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Services We Offer:

We offer you peace of mind with a minimum 12 month/20,000km warranty on all new parts and labour. 


We use only quality parts and lubricants on your vehicle and can ensure competitive prices on our parts and service at all times.


All work is performed in-house by fully licensed and experienced technicians in a fully insured workshop.

New Vehicle Log Book Servicing


For manufacturers warranty to remain valid a vehicle should be serviced periodically according to the vehicle service schedule, usually the lesser of 6 months or 10,000km but this can vary. All our servicing is completed to manufacturer specification using quality approved parts and lubricants so your warranty will not be affected. We have extensive information about servicing requirements for all Australian vehicles which means we can give you a fast accurate quote for any log book service. We offer new car servicing without the high dealership price, all with the peace of mind that your warranty will remain valid.

Radiators & Cooling Systems


We have the Shire's largest range and best priced radiators. Anything not in stock can be ordered in for same day delivery. You can purchase a radiator to install yourself, or we have full fitting service available using correct grade and quantity of coolant for your vehicle. All our radiators carry a 24 month/40,000 km warranty. So if you have been told you need a new radiator, call us and we will save you money. We also offer all cooling system diagnosis and repairs from hoses to head gaskets and everything in between.

Electronic Diagnosis


Most of the systems in modern vehicles are controlled by electronic modules (onboard computers), which are fantastic at improving fuel economy while providing more power compared to older vehicles. However when these systems fail they can be complicated to diagnose and repair. At C & N Radiators and Mechanical we have all the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly identify and repair all vehicle electronic systems including engine management, electronic fuel injection, anti-lock braking systems, airbag systems, body control modules, immobiliser systems. We can also code new keys and modules to suit your vehicle.

Timing Belts


In an engine, the timing belt is a toothed belt that connects the crankshaft to the camshaft(s), which in turn controls the opening and closing of the engine's valves at the right time and sequence. If a timing belt is left to wear in can break or strip teeth and if this happens the valves will lose their synchronisation and come into contact with the pistons causing considerable engine damage with the repair bill often running into the thousands. For this reason the vehicle manufacturer sets a schedule for the replacement of the timing belt. At C & N Radiators and Mechanical we can check when your timing belt is due and offer a full replacement service.

Vehicle Servicing


Regular servicing is important for the smooth running, fuel efficiency, reliability, long lasting and resale value. At C & N Radiators and Mechanical we pride ourselves providing a quality service using top quality parts and lubricants, all at a competitive price. All our services include a full under body check including steering, suspension and exhaust, brake inspection and adjustment (where applicable), tyre tread and pressure check, all under bonnet check and top up of all fluids, electronic brake fluid condition check for your safety, electronic battery health check, windscreen washer additive, quality semi synthetic oil  and top brand oil filter. Call us now for your competitive quote.



Arguably the most important system in your car! When you need your brakes serviced or repaired you cannot afford to make any mistakes. It makes sense to leave your vehicle with an experienced expert. We only use the highest quality brake parts. We can look after all braking problems including noisy brakes, pulsating brake pedal, shuddering steering wheel, excessive pedal travel, car veers on braking, hard brake pedal or a brake fail warning light.

ABS Brakes, SRS Airbags,
Stability Control


All fantastic systems that make driving in a motor vehicle much safer. However when any of these systems have problems they will bring a warning light on the dash. This can be dangerous and in most states makes the car unroadworthy, and can lead to insurance problems should the car be involved in an accident. At C & N Radiators and Mechanical we have all the latest diagnostic equipment to service and repair these modern systems quickly and efficiently. So don't pay too much at the dealer, give us a call and we will have your car back on the road at a very competitive price.

Steering And Suspension


We offer specialist service and attention for all your steering and suspension needs. We can assist you with manual steering, power steering, shock absorbers, springs and any other suspension components that may require service or repair. If you hear any noise from your steering and suspension, or the ride and handling is not what it used to be then give us a call and we will have your car back to its original safe condition in no time.

All General Mechanical Repairs
We offer all mechanical repairs including exhaust, drive line, wheel and hub, head gaskets, window and door hardware, seats and seatbelts, locks, mirror repairs. We have extensive experience in all these areas and are able to provide expert advice and service.  Give us a call to discuss your needs.



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